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We are here to empower a new generation of artists to take full control of their creative journey. From getting your releases out on all music platforms to building your career through promotional and financial tools — we got you.

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Our label team finds talent through data, offering tailored label deals and services to amplify the success of tracks with momentum.

All the Stores We Deliver to
Upload your music from the Rock FM Nigeria app or website to get your music on all major stores and streaming platforms. With Rock FM Nigeria Pro, you also get access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. All you need to do is build your release and press submit. Upload unlimited music and keep 100% of your royalties. Getting your music online is that easy with Rock FM Nigeria

  • ₦15,000
  • + Downloading link
  • 8 Music Stores
  • Time to Release - 14 Days
  • 72h - Fast Lane Priority Support
Choose Booster
  • ₦10,000
  • + Downloading link
  • 3 Music Stores
  • Time to Release - 4 Weeks
  • 96h - Fast Lane Priority Support
Choose Basic
  • ₦40,000
  • + Downloading link
  • 15 Music Stores
  • Time to Release - 10 Days
  • 24h - Fast Lane Priority Support
Choose Pro

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